About Us

Salutaris ,The Pharmaceutical manufacturers and marketeers of Indian Sub continent. We are a subsidiary of Pravasi Industral and Infrastructure Development Company Limited.(PIIDCL) We are committed to finding tomorrow's cures and treatment for various diseases in a cost effective manner. This will definitely help the poor population of India and the government to control the rocketing drug price.


To manufacture quality pharmaceutical products for prescription applications that are economically viable for our customers, while providing value to our investors, all within a supportive and rewarding work environment for our employees. mission is to improve the lives of patients throughout the world by successfully identifying, developing, and commercializing innovative specialty bio pharmaceutical products. We are committed to: the long-term success of our employees and shareholders, providing new treatment options to healthcare professionals, and the welfare of our patients.


Better lives , Better families , Better Communities , A better world... Through our hands


Value , Respect , Caring , Open , Drive

What we believe

We Believe a committed and Dedicated approach is essential to support the majority working class people in INDIA. In Health Care, We have plans to invest in Hospitals and retail outlets in very near future.

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